This comprehensive training offers an authentic, informative and sustainable way for you to deepen your understanding of the practice, science, art and philosophy of yoga.

Whether you want to enrich your life or plan on teaching, this training will take you on a journey to uncover your full possibility. 


The Ralston Method 250hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training provides a solid foundation to become a confident teacher of yoga, informed with current knowledge and discovering depth in one’s own personal practice. The comprehensive curriculum covers the art, science and philosophy of yoga and how to interweave knowledge of functional anatomy, alignment and assists, to empower you to teach from a place of your own knowing, no rehearsed scripts, no ill-informed cues, you will learn how to truely teach yoga.  This training offers a unique experience to receive tutoring and guidance from one of New Zealand’s most well respected and successful yoga teachers.  Nikki is committed to providing you with the highest quality of education along with practical tools, so that you can confidently step forth into the world and help people find more ease and freedom in their body and mind.  Wether you want to go on and teach in studios or simply share with family and friends, through this training you can help others rediscover happiness and joy in their lives, in sharing the practice with others, we in turn learn even more about ourselves.

“To become a yoga teacher is one of the greatest services you can contribute to the world and one of the most honourable occupations you can have.”

This Teacher Training will take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery, self-inquiry and personal transformation.  The training is divided into 8 intensive weekends   (Fri- Sun) over 4 months to fit in with your lifestyle.  Teaching yoga is much more than just being a physical education provider.  To be a successful, well rounded yoga teacher requires a solid foundation in each of the aspects of yoga listed below, that we ensure you will be well equiped with upon completion.


You will learn


  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Application of anatomy to Yoga

  • Movement inquiries, how to awaken proprioceptive awareness in students

  • Yoga for longevity- how to work with injury and limitation, asana alignment, biomechanics, modifications and use of props

  • Pranayama and meditation, multiple pathways to focus the mind

  • Intelligent sequencing and organisation


  • Yama and Niyama: learning and living the yogic ethical observances, on and off the mat

  • History and Philosophical concepts of classical Yoga

  • Mantra, Chanting, Nadis, Chakras

  • Integrating myth and philosophical elements into teaching

  • Basic Sanskrit pronunciation for key concepts


  • Qualities of a teacher, teaching pedagogy and relating to students

  • Learn to cultivate your authentic voice and captivate students attention

  • Get sharp organisation, clear verbal instruction, keen observation skills, purposful demonstration skills and adjustments.

  • Inspiring students without enmeshing


  • Asana practice engaging body, mind and spirit

  • Deep personal inquiry to unlock your individual potential.

  • Align intent, attitude and action to shift beyond insecurities, to inspire incredible self-esteem and self-respect that will impact every area of your life

  • Through daily practice develop mindfulness, balance of action, strength/stamina, flexibility, alignment/form, knowledge and understanding of the postures.

  • Cultivating your life-long home practice: tools for deepening awareness and developing source material for teaching

  • Observation & Practice Teaching

  • Building a successful career and yoga business


Course dates:

The course framework and length allows you to ingest and digest the full yogic experience. Training is divided into 8 intensive weekend modules with one long weekend intensive designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Weekends are:
Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 7am- 6pm and Sunday 6am-5pm  

Long weekend immersion: Thursday 4th Aug -Sunday 5th

Module 1: May 3rd-5th
Module 2: May 24th-26th
Module 3: June 14th-16th
Module 4: June 28th-30th
Module 5: July 19th-21st
Module 6: August 1st-4th Long weekend immersion
Module 7:August 16th-18th Module 8: Aug 30th- Sept 1st

Modules will be held at Urban Ashram studio in Browns Bay, Auckland with some offsite learning and explorations.

Pre-requisites & Application
A minimum of one year consistent practice, including regular 3-6 day per week practice. We carefully select our applicants so that we can work closely with our teachers to guarantee a higher level of proficiency.
This training will leave you feeling confident in your own practice and ready to teach. We believe that the best teachers embody yoga in their day to day life, therefore, this course is designed to help you dive deep into all facets of yoga so that the teachings become a part of your life. The course framework and length allows you to ingest and digest the full yogic experience.

You will be given weekly homework assignments consisting of reading, review points, practice teaching and weekly personal practice recommendations. You should plan for 3-4 hours a week of homework plus a regular yoga practice.

Pricing options
(Cash, EFTPOS and Online Transfer payment methods only)

Earlybird price $4,800 includes 4 month membership at Urban Ashram*                  (if paid in full before Feb 28th 2019)
Full price $5,200 includes 4 month membership at Urban Ashram*

* considerations taken for out of Auckland applicants 



What if I'm not able bodied enough, bendy enough, young enough, slim enough....?  

Truth be told, if you carry on like that you will never feel ready enough and you just won't start!  Our Teacher Training is all inclusive as we feel each individual has gifts to share with the world to connect and inspire to all walks of life as we believe YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE not just slim bendy people like the media may make out.  The healing benefits of yoga need to get to the people and places that need it most.  Don't worry all those 'not enough' insecurities.... we get into those too!

What will I be qualified to teach?

Upon completion you will be certified to to teach, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin classes.  To become a Ralston Method certified teacher requires 500hrs of teacher training with Nikki, that you can work towards over the next few years with advanced modules upon completion of this 250hr program.  

Is there on going support after?

The real questions start to arise once you start teaching and one of the big benefits of this training is the ongoing support and mentoring from Nikki.  The opportunity to observe and assist in classes to get together for alumni practices and feedback groups is invaluable.  Advanced teacher training modules with Nikki to keep developing your practice and teaching over the years to come, will keep you expanding your knowledge.

Got more questions or want to chat with me and find out if this training is for you?

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