Practice with me anywhere anytime

I understand its sometimes difficult to get to classes, I have now made a balanced offering of classes available for you here for FREE!


Ready to soar - 90min Strong

In this practice we work efficiently to build strength and mobility in the upper and lower hemispheres of the body. Progressively building our understanding of the mechanics behind Eka Pada Galavasana aka Flying Pigion Pose. The pose it's self is not easy but we can simplify the path towards taking flight.


Sattva practice- Strong 60min

Sattva is the energetic expression of equanimity, clarity and peacefulness. It takes effort and discipline to cultivate these qualities both on and off the mat. Take a circular journey around your mat to explore your experience of Sattvic embodiment through mindful movement.

Props: Block


Morning sequence for tight bods - 15min Aligned

This practice is for all you tin men and women out there. If you wake up feeling tight and stiff, then think of this practice as oil for your joints and to warm up your muscles for the day. My aim is to help you move, breathe and live with more ease. So remember throughout, when you feel into tightness, take a few slower mindful breaths.

Props: Yoga blocks if you have them, no worries if not!

Thoracic mobility - 15min Aligned

The thoracic spine is the longest part of the spine, and is designed more for stability and protection with the entire rib cage attaching at these vertebrae. The thoracic region is a common place where we can become overly stiff and rigid. Our body is always trying to work in the best way possible for us, so often the neck or low back take up the movement where the T spine is limited. This can result in pain or discomfort in these areas, so in working at freeing up the T spine we ease load and pressure off the other regions. Props: Blocks

Lower back health - 30min Aligned

If you have been feeling discomfort or compression in the low back, this grounded sequence is a great way to bring more ease, space and awareness to your low back health

Props: Block, blanket and strap

Get lifted - 60min Strong

The Ralston Method STRONG.  Wake up and start the day with this 60min energising balanced yoga practice. Opening the body, connecting to breath, so that you can ride through any challenges in the day.

Props: Block


Foot activation tutorial

Remember your foot arch doesn't need to be 'high' to be 'good' but it does at what ever high need to be competent. So start slow, it maybe difficult at first to get your brain to connect to moving your foot in specific ways, but keep with it, consistency is key.

Props: Tissue/towel


Lower body mobility

No mat no problem, no props required for this flow, just your body, some floor space and a willingness to explore. Great pre or post strength training or on its own to get some movement into the hips joints. We start with a modified version that you can stay with or progress on. You can repeat the whole thing or any part if you want to make it longer. Happy moving!


Yoga for a stronger body

In this 20min practice we focus on balance between the pelvis and rib cage so the we can effectively and efficiently engage our abdominal core, creating deep support to move dynamically, breathe easier and have more vibrant energy! (special effects from one epic sunrise)

No props needed


Post training recovery - 50min Centred

The Ralston Method CENTRED a 45min yin style practice to restore your body and mind after training, working or living hard! Targeting all the sweet spots to ease tension, aid recovery and bring calmness to the mind.    

Props: Block

Restore to be more - 60min Centred

The Ralston Method CENTRED class, a yin style of practice. In this 60min practice we focus on restoring vital energy in the body working with the bladder and kidney meridian lines in the body.

Props: Bolster/blanket, block or pillow


Core activation - 15min

In under 15 min a day you can be underway to building a stronger more stable core. Especially great if you are working towards inversions in your practice.

Props: Mat and a kick ass attitude


Access the central axis- 60min Aligned

The Ralston Method 60min ALIGNED practice. The spine is our central core, both in the biomechanics and spiritual aspects of who we are. Some say that the overall health of a person can be directly correlated to the health of their spine. This simple practice is designed to balance and free up the spine for fluid movement and to provide nourishing support.    Props: Block and strap

Common challenges 

Our bodies are complex and fascinating, the body is so intelligent and the nervous system will opt to take the path of least resistance.  While this might 'get the job done' in the moment it leads to creating patterns in the body that in the long term can lead to instability and injury due to poor form.  So jump on your mat and learn a few little tips to empower you in your practice. Props needed: Strap and block


Be a warrior not a worrier 8 min

Get on the mat for this quick 8min practice. Move to get out of your head.  This STRONG style of practice gets you focused on the present moment through standing asana and breath awareness, wake up the warrior within. Can be followed by "Feel great create space' or meditation for a balanced practice.


Nature Meditation 10min

A 10min mediation, beginning with a few simple opening exercises, before we sit and reconnect to our true bliss filled nature.

Meditation 10min

A simple 10min meditation to declutter the mind and refocus on what is truely important

Props: Something to sit comfortably


Stand in your strength 10min

A 10 min practice to help you build self confidence and remember just how strong you are. To build a longer practice follow up with 'create space' and meditation.

Props: None necessary optional block

Beach Meditation 10min

A 10min guided healing meditation for your inner  and outer environment.


 Feel great, create space 7min

A  7min fluid practice on the ground, that will open into all the right places and create space within the body.  Perfect compliment to the other short standing sequences or practiced alone when you are short on time.