"Within the tiny acorn lays a mighty oak tree, that same potential for growth and transformation lies within each of us"

Nikki has devised her own 'Ralston Method' which provides life enhancing practices, her physical asana practice combines the best elements of hatha, vinyasa, precision alignment and mindfulness teachings. Her classes are strong yet grounded, guiding her students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, giving skilled yet simple cues from her deep understanding of the human body and subtle energies, creates a transformative experience and a practice that lasts a lifetime. Balanced by her delightful sense of humour that encourages students to reclaim the joy within their practice and life.

Nikki regularly speaks at wellness and corporate events, teaches workshops and leads retreats.  Passionate about upholding a high standard of teaching in NZ Nikki has created a 250hr Teacher Training Program and continued education programs designed to mentor and educate teachers guiding them on their path to greatness. 

The owner of Urban Ashram in Auckland, featured teacher at Wanderlust festival NZ/Aus, she has been the yoga teacher to the NZ Warriors, an ambassador for Ecostore and Chantal Organics and Greenleaf Organics, mother and wellness powerhouse. Off the mat you will usually find her flipping handstands at the beach with her delightful daughter. Nikki only collaborates and partners with conscious brands, if you are interested please contact us.


"I believe that we are all born to shine bright as children do, as we let go of our fears and step into our light, we inspire others to do the same"

"I have searched a majority of the country trying to find the best teachers of consciousness and connection. Nikki is leading from the front in this field, bringing the truth right to the people that need it the most and doing it in a way that accepts all without judgement, in a way that makes it all ok to be who you really are or to express parts of us we have pushed down as others judge us on them. Nikki is a true example of bravery and courageousness in a world where people have lost all meaning to those words. She is a shinning star of light to guide people out of their own darkness and suffering."

– Scott MacKenzie