"Awaken to your own possibility"

Guided by my own core values of living a healthy, balanced and joyful life, I am passionately dedicated to inspiring others to uncover their strengths, become more centered within themselves,  and have a healthy fit body. The Ralston Method delivers powerful tools of yoga, bodywork and mindfulness practices that can be used in the workplace as well as at home to help you feel, perform and live to your fullest every day.

Available for classes, one on ones, workshops, masterclasses, corporate events, team building, media events, festivals and more.



Nikki Ralston is a natural teacher who has been working with the human body for over 15 years. Her passion for yoga and wellbeing shines through and is infectious to others.

Nikki has devised her own 'Ralston Method' which blends together the best elements of.... Learn more