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Nikki Ralston's passion and dedication to living a healthy, balanced and joyful life is ever-present in her expertise as a yoga teacher and wellbeing expert.   Her deep knowledge of the human body combined with clear instruction and inclusive approach makes her sought after as a teacher and mentor.  Nikki's classes and trainings are motivating, rich in depth and filled with laughter.  

 The Ralston Method provides you with tools and practices that can be used in the workplace as well as at home to help you feel, perform and live to your fullest every day.



TEACHER: Classes, Workshops, One on ones

MENTOR: Developing and training teachers

SPEAKER: Events, Corporates wellness programs

HOST: Retreats, Events



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Online studio

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You can now practice full classes with me online from anywhere in the world, anytime of day for less than one in studio class per month!  

Gain access to classes tutorials, courses and more.  There is a whole range of content from beginners to advanced. practices of 5min, 20min, 60min and 90min.  Now there are no excuses, you can get on the mat with me anywhere!