Buddha bowl

I could honestly eat this bowl of goodness for lunch and dinner every day, the dressing is so simple and divine. The best thing is, there are no rules, throw in what ever you've got and experiment with your favourite combo's – I'd love to hear what you come up with!  Make sure you eat this with great gratitude, whether alone or with family, be present for each and every mouthful, that presence and enjoyment will flow into other areas of your life. x

Here's what I mixed today:
- Quinoa and wild rice blend
- Kumara
- Sautéed kale
- Avocado
- Grated carrot
- Sauerkraut
- Tempeh
- Wakame seaweed
- Sesame seeds
- Toasted walnuts

Miso dressing
- Olive oil
- Lemon juice
- Urban Hippie Miso paste

Mix all 3 ingredients together so that the paste is smooth then use those chaturanga arms and shake really well in a glass jar tip it's nice and blended. Pour over your bowl of goodness and enjoy!