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Workshops @ Reset - Gisborne

Friday October 27th 6-8.30pm- Signature Flow

Seamlessly integrating The Ralston Method signature Strong, Centred and Aligned elements into a moving meditation deeply connecting to the rhythm of our breath to ride us through strong standing postures, arm balances, inversions, backbends, twists before we melt into
delicious seated folds. A strong yet enjoyable flow to get you out of the head, fully embodied and present to the moment. Come with an open heart and read to learn.

Saturday October 28th 9.30-12 - Break through your hippy myths

There is not one body exactly like yours on this planet, you are one of a kind baby. Together lets explore the myths you may be holding around the commonly misunderstood hip area. This strong, slow and steady practice will hone your awareness into your unique hip sockets and help to balance strength and flexibility so that you can expand into full possibility.

Saturday October 28th 1.30-4pm - An exploration to fuel the imagination

"There are some things that are real, that you can see, that you can observe, like the clouds, the sand, the sea. But for ideas to become real, they have to be played on your senses." Get ready to take a journey that will ignite the senses and inspire the imagination. You will be guided through blindfold asana, that will unleash your creativity and tighten present moment awareness, bringing us all to the centre of our being and into deep connection with each   other.

Sunday October 29th 10am-12.30pm - Redefine your response to stress

Stress is a part of our lives whether we like it or not, it's unavoidable. With the pace of our modern day lives faster than ever, we can struggle to keep up with demands and end up feeling overwhelmed, depleted and disconnected. Long term stress can lead to a whole host of nasty health problems and dissatisfaction with life. In this workshop Nikki asks the question "What would happen if we could start to make friends with stress and learn ways in which we can redefine our response, strengthen ourselves and fall back in love with our lives."  In this workshop we will explore what triggers our stress, what strengthens us and how to effectively release stored tension from the body and rebalance our nervous system through Asana, Meditation and Pranayama. Participants will need to bring a journal or something to write on.


Earlier Event: September 10
Heart chakra explosion- Teacher Development
Later Event: November 3
Psoas release party!