The Ralston Method specialises in making your event something meaningful and memorable. Available to inspire, motivate and empower with her practical and relatable content. Nikki will enlighten any event and help create a healthy more positive culture.  

Nikki is a regular speaker for Wellme and Wellness events. She is an ambassador for Eco Store and she is a Greenleaf Organics. presenter and speaker at Wanderlust festival NZ/AUS, business owner, mother and wellness powerhouse!

Specialising in:

– Wellness coaching
– Corporate events
– Media releases
– Schools and organisations

Topics include:

– Redefine your response to stress
– From the acorn to tree- the inspirational story of Nikki's journey
– Breathing- How and why it is so important
– Mindfulness- The power of living in the present moment
– Meditation- How to tune out and turn inwards

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"Nikki has been with our company for the past five years helping our staff ease our aches and pains. She has been very popular with our team and they have always commented favourably on what she does. It’s a good morale booster and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other companies."

– Andrew Cornwell, CEO Sony Pictures NZ

"It goes without saying everyone here looks forward to Nikki's visits. During the time that Nikki has been with us I have seen real benefits in both the culture in the office as well as happier and more productive teams. I would highly recommend Nikki to any company interested in workplace wellness." 

– Alistair Jamison, CEO, Starcom NZ