Pick-me-up smoothie

I admit that I have quite the sweet tooth, so sometimes 3pm rolls around and I want to reach for peanut m&m's!
Instead this smoothie gives me a natural sweet fix and packed with goodness to keep me charged for the rest of the day. The best thing about this is that 2 of the key ingredients are produced by local women following their bliss and creating great healthy products.

250ml Carew kitchen fresh almond milk
2 Medjool dates
Half a banana
Handful frozen raspberries
1 teaspoon macca powder
2 teaspoons raw cacao
Kimmithgone hemp seed oil

Blend, enjoy then bounce into your afternoon!

You can email : carewkitchen@gmail.com for delicious almond milk. kimmithgone.com vital omega 3's to give you that wellness boost.