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Napier workshops

  • The wellness sanctury 32A Main Street Napier, Hawke's Bay, 4110 New Zealand (map)

Return to the source

Friday 6-8.30pm

A decadent 2.5hr practice that dances between yang and yin elements, co- created and taught by Nikki Ralston and Amber Jane.

A unique experience delving into the source of what inspires, motivates and moves you through dynamic asana exploration with Nikki then seamlessly merging into a yin discovery returning to the source of what nourishes your soul with Amber.

Demystify the heart

Saturday 9-11.30am

Matters of the heart can be complex so to can ‘heart openers’ aka backbends in our practice. Often through misunderstanding they become completely avoided or poorly executed. In this workshop, we will discover how to work towards health and longevity for the spine through extension versus compression. We will demystify the anatomy of back bends and learn how to create support and feel more space and less struggle. Practicing basic backbends like upward facing dog and upward facing bow directs our pathway toward more advanced heart openers. Expect to open and strengthen your upper back, shoulders, side body, and thoracic and lumbar spine. Backbends are one of the most beautiful expressions of an open heart and mind within the yoga practice. Come along and feel the freedom!

Psoas release party

Saturday 1-3.30pm

A different kinda party one where we drop deep into a somatic experience and reconnect with your life force. Part theory before we work through an embodied asana practice to release stored tension in this deepest muscle of the human body. Our fast paced modern lifestyle (which runs on the adrenaline of our sympathetic nervous system) chronically triggers and tightens the psoas – making it literally ready to run or fight. The psoas helps you to spring into action – or curl you up into a protective ball.... The psoas is far more than a core stabilising muscle; it is an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue and “literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish.”


One session $70

Two sessions $130

All three $180

For bookings and any questions email Amber: