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Asana deconstructed to build a sustainable practice for life - 30hrs continued education program

In a world that has become over run with popular images of super bendy instagram yogis, how can we learn to better understand how bodies move, different variables involved in stability, mobility and range of motion in the yoga postures that a most commonly taught today.  You will learn how to deconstruct the body for deeper understand an then how to build a sustainable practice around this understanding.

Discuss functional range of motion vs limited range vs hypermobility
We will debunk the concept of stretching and flexibility and rebuild our teaching in ways that are aligned with integrity in the joints, muscular and fascial systems.
Skeletal variations will be discussed and offer solutions to honour each individual.
Understand and measure your own range of motion to inform your own personal practice. 
Create language that promotes personal learning, exploration and skilful choice making.
Participants will learn how to create class plans that turn classes into a personal laboratory that are inclusive, invite inquiry and creates a safe place for exploration.

This training is for students who have already completed The Ralston Method 250hrs teacher training to continue to build hours towards 300 and 500hr accreditation.  Some considerations will be taken for experienced yoga teachers to join.