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Continued education: Intermediate and advanced asana, pranayama and meditation 25 hours

This advanced teacher training module is open to all teachers that have qualified from a 200hr teacher training and have been teaching for one year minimum. Preference is given to teachers who have completed The Ralston Method 250 hour training (no minimum teaching hours required)

Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9.00am-6pm

Sunday 11-6pm

Location: Urban Ashram - Browns Bay

Cost: $650 ($120 deposit required to secure booking, please email for transfer details)


One of the first things to wain once you start teaching is your own personal practice. In this intimate 3 day course Nikki aims to inspire you, to reignite your passion and refine your own personal practice as well as empower you with the skills to confidently and safely assist your students in advancing their practice, even when your personal practice does not include these postures quite yet!

Daily practices will focus on the sequencing and preparational poses needed to open the specific areas of the body that will guide you into these advanced families of asana. More importantly, you will identify the key areas where you need to build intrinsic strength and stamina and create a home practice to support these goals.

Course content

  • Discover what it means to truly practice “advanced yoga” – and by advanced we don’t just mean deep or ‘impressive’ asanas we mean the understandings of the subtleties of practice.

  • Learn how to teach advanced yoga when you might not be able to achieve the same pose in your body.

  • Learn how to identify the obstacles in your own way or students, or if a pose is just not safe or effect to practice for some bodies and why. Is it a range that is not possible? Is it fear? Is there strength that needs to be built and where

  • Develop skills for teaching the more esoteric practices of pranayama and meditation in systematic ways that motivate and inspire while remaining accessible.

  • Explore how to work skilfully with the asymmetries and imbalances in your body and how to see these in your students.

  • Learn effective skills and drills to build strength, range and controlled articulation.

  • Learn propping and modifications that will help you safely approach a more advanced personal practice.

  • Receive your own personal practice to work on and enhance your bad-assness


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