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Brisbane workshops

Amber Tree is excited to welcome Nikki Ralston back for the 3rd consecutive year to share her knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Nikki is highly regarded in Australia and around the world for her anatomy knowledge, creative and safe sequencing and overall feel good vibe. Owner of 2 studios in Auckland, creator of The Ralston Method, international festival presenter, guest teacher at multiple studios in NZ and Australia, teacher of 200hr RYT, yoga instructor to the NZ Warriors, contributing writer to various wellness magazines and brand ambassador, Nikki is a wealth of knowledge and compassion. You will not be disappointed, unless you miss out, as spaces are limited.

This year Nikki will be offering 5 workshops over a weekend, open to both students and teachers. In her classes you will pick up lots of tips on how to really embody your practice and make the yoga fit you. Come prepared for a light bulb moment or two!

Friday October 11

Put the fun in FUNctional movement – 6-8pm 

This practice is based on  years of teaching, observing and treating common postural habits and patterns.  Expect to activate and move your body in a variety of functional ways that challenges your habits and begins to rewire new neural pathways to support movement in all planes. With clear direction you with be safely guided to move your body and shift your perspective beyond limitation.  Increasing vital energy in the body and learning how to direct and channel that energy into all aspects of your life.  Nikki’s approach is unique, inclusive and empowering. Suitable for yogis, cross fitters, runners, weight lifters or people who move in any other way.

Saturday October 12 –

Shoulder mechanics – 10.30am -12.30pm 

Do you struggle to figure out the alignment and understanding of your shoulder?  That’s because the shoulder girdle is a complex and highly mobile region of the body.  The shoulder is like an orchestra, when it is in synch and being well conducted it performs beautifully. But there are a lot of moving parts that can break down and get out of sync.   Coordinated muscle action is essential for movement and stability in the shoulders. In this practice we will dive into the anatomy to understand the entire shoulder girdle, arms and hands to create a sustainable practice full of possibility. Great for anyone with shoulders, yogi or not!

Create freedom in back bending – 2-4pm

The backbend communicates one of the deepest, most beautiful expressions of an open heart and mind within the yoga practice. Backbends are a paradox of constant oscillation and steady harmony. Because of their complexity, they can easily be misunderstood and poorly executed. In this workshop, we will discover how to achieve health and longevity for the spine through extension versus compression. Practicing basic backbends like upward facing dog and upward facing bow directs our pathway toward more advanced backbends. Expect to open and strengthen your upper back, shoulders, side body, thoracic and lumbar spine. This class is for all levels

Sunday October 13

Break through your hippie myths – 9.30-11.30am

There is not one body exactly like yours on this planet, you are one of a kind baby. Together let’s explore the myths you may be holding around the commonly misunderstood hip area. This strong, slow and steady practice will hone your awareness into your unique hip sockets and help to balance strength and flexibility so that you can expand into full possibility.

The great ‘let go’ – 1-3pm

Learn the art of self-massage with Mind Body Ball Work to release stored tension within the soft tissue structure of the body.  We will work right through the body from the feet upward, unwinding tension from trigger points.  Interspersed with poses designed to restore the body and create space and clarity within the mind. *Be warned: you may leave in an altered state of bliss.